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Florence Rolando

Florence Rolando

Profissão - Natural Medicine, Kinesiology, OligoCheck


Natural Medicine, Kinesiology, OligoCheck
Rua Fernão Mendes Pinto 82-86
4150-321 Porto
+351 929148001


Certifications :

        * Kinesiology Certified Practitioner (CNM/College of Naturopatic
Medicine + TASK/The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology, London)
        * Medicina Natural (EMAC, Porto)
        * NAET®/Nambudripad Allergy Eleminiation Technique Certified
Practitioner, Switzerland, France, UK
        * TRM@/Total Reset Certified Practiioner, France
        * Niromathe® Certified Practitioner, France
        * Master’s Degree in Fashion and Textile Management, IFM Paris