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Dra. Amber Mikesell

Dra. Amber Mikesell

Amber Mikesell is a leader in the field of human transformation, receiving international recognition as a Master Life & Health Coach. As a coach and educator, Amber has traveled the world and supported over one million individuals and organizations in more than 80 countries. Her approach begins with self-love as the foundation, allowing that love to build from within and radiate out to the world. Her heart-centered program empowers individuals to witness how a healthy sense of self-love can heal on multiple levels.

Quantum Healing: The Healing Effects of Awareness & Choice

In integrative wellness, it is well understood that we, as humans, are comprised of more than our physical form of conscious expression. We have multiple bodies of consciousness that blend together to create this human experience: physical (sensation), vital (feeling), mental (thought), supramental (intuition) and bliss (spiritual wholeness).

When diseases occur, they may originate at one level of consciousness, but they often spread across more than one of these five bodies over time. This is why treatment must take place across all five to truly support long-term healing.

The key question for those in integrative wellness is how to effectively treat all of these bodies.

In this discussion, we will dive into this topic and review:

– the importance of utilizing the flow of consciousness through the five bodies in the treatment process
– the use of choice and tangled hierarchy by consciousness in creating each experience and the potential it contains for healing
– how expanding both the awareness of the practitioner and the client can lead to a quantum leap in insights necessary for healing


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