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Dr. Esteban Sinde

Dr. Esteban Sinde

Esteban Sinde Stompel, PhD Biology PhD at Santiago de Compostela University and Environmental Engineer at Fachhochschule Hildesheim / Holzminden – Göttingen (Germany)

Hifas da Terra´s Chief Research and Innovation Officer Dr. Esteban Sinde, was researching for more than 20 years in applied mycology, biotechnology and mycotherapy. During this period he was leading Research Collaboration projects like: MICROMARKER* (Clinical trials with Medicinal mushrooms in colorectal cancer), NEUROFOOD (Clinical trials with Medicinal mushrooms in neurodegenerative diseases) and FUNGITECHONCO* (Clinical trials with Medicinal mushrooms and bioreactor techniques for developing new generation of Mycotherapy products).

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