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Dr. Johan Vermeiren, MSc.

Dr. Johan Vermeiren, MSc.

– Master of Rehabilitation Science & Physiotherapy at the Catholic University of Leuven – Belgium
– Master in Biomedical Science at the Free University of Brussels – Belgium
– Integrative Osteopathic Medicine at the Anthroposophical University of Herdecke – Germany
– PhD. Student at Quantum Activism Vishwalayam – Department of Quantum Science of Health, Prosperity and Happiness at the University of Technology – Jaipur, India
– Co-Founder of Corneli Health Center in Belgium
– Over 30 years of professional experience in Osteopathy & Healing man behind the disease.

Quantum Osteopathy: Healing Man Behind The Disease

This lecture on healing is not about the patient, nor is it about the kind of diseases that can be ‘fixed’. This talk is entirely centered around the healer, and what it takes to become one.

This narrative story enriched with explorative examples gradually clarifies the difference between a traditional therapist and a healer. Furthermore, it reveals how the healer does not focus on disease, yet man behind the disease and how the healer fundamentally enlarges the scope of therapy.

The main question to be answered is if healing is a gift you’re born with or is it something that can be learned at an academic level. You’ll discover that knowledge of pathologies and techniques is not enough to become a healer. When healing is embedded in quantum science, you’ll discover the 3 pillars that the healer needs to master in order to heal man behind the disease.

This groundbreaking story walks you through the most profound issues in science and pinpoints what it takes to shift therapy to the next level.


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